DORM-5: Fish Protein Certified Reference Material

From National Research Council Canada

Alternative titleDORM-5 : Matériau de référence certifié de protéines de poisson
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  1. National Research Council Canada
  2. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil
  3. Forensic Chemistry Center, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Cincinnati OH, USA
  4. Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, College Park MD, USA
  5. University of Graz, Graz, Austria
  6. Matís, Research and Innovation, Reykjavik, Iceland
  7. University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
  8. Institute of Analytical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic
  9. Brooks Applied Labs, Bothell WA, USA
Format3D, Material
SubjectCanadian reference material; DORM-5; trace metals
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AnalyteQuantityValueExpanded uncertaintyUnitType
aluminiummass fraction25013mg/kgcertified
antimonymass fraction0.00620.0024mg/kgreference
arsenicmass fraction13.30.7mg/kgcertified
arsenobetaine (as As)mass fraction11.80.4mg/kgcertified
inorganic arsenicmass fraction0.0160.001mg/kgcertified
dimethylarsinic acid (as As)mass fraction0.2880.027mg/kgreference
monomethylarsonic acid (as As)mass fraction0.0130.001mg/kgreference
bariummass fraction0.3960.023mg/kgcertified
boronmass fraction3.630.16mg/kgcertified
brominemass fraction50.7mg/kginformation
cadmiummass fraction0.1480.007mg/kgcertified
calciummass fraction2010260mg/kgcertified
chlorinemass fraction12200mg/kginformation
chromiummass fraction0.5150.068mg/kgcertified
cobaltmass fraction0.0630.004mg/kgcertified
coppermass fraction3.300.07mg/kgcertified
iodinemass fraction7.51.4mg/kgreference
ironmass fraction1138mg/kgcertified
leadmass fraction0.0580.006mg/kgcertified
lithiummass fraction0.3910.120mg/kgcertified
magnesiummass fraction103080mg/kgcertified
manganesemass fraction1.060.04mg/kgcertified
mercurymass fraction0.3160.017mg/kgcertified
molybdenummass fraction0.1340.023mg/kgcertified
nickelmass fraction0.440.03mg/kgcertified
phosphorusmass fraction6230240mg/kgcertified
potassiummass fraction11600400mg/kgcertified
rubidiummass fraction2.760.19mg/kgcertified
seleniummass fraction2.400.11mg/kgcertified
selenomethionine (as Se)mass fraction0.620.14mg/kgcertified
silvermass fraction0.1350.014mg/kgcertified
sodiummass fraction9200400mg/kgcertified
strontiummass fraction9.870.23mg/kgcertified
sulfurmass fraction8400200mg/kgreference
tinmass fraction0.0770.008mg/kgcertified
uraniummass fraction0.01630.0039mg/kgcertified
vanadiummass fraction0.3470.029mg/kgcertified
zincmass fraction28.71.0mg/kgcertified
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PublisherNational Research Council of Canada
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CollectionCanadian Reference Materials and Methods
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Record created2021-08-31
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